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The Tree Nursery Raifer Leonhard offers the following types…

Golden DeliciousGolden Delicious (USA)
Taste: Juicy, sweet aroma with fine fruit acid
Origin: Random seedling around 1890
Harvest: Mid-September
Availability: Mid-September to July

Fuji Kiku OFuji (Japan)
Taste: Aromatic, crunchy, juicy with a high fruit sugar content
Origin: Rall's Janet x Delicious, 1939    
Harvest: Start/mid-October
Availability: October to May

ElstarElstar (Netherlands)
Spicy, fruity aroma, refreshing sweet/acidic taste
Origin: Golden Delicious x Ingrid Marie, 1955
Harvest: End of August
Availability: End of August to end of February

BraeburnBraeburn (New Zealand)
Taste: Juicy, crunchy with firm fruit flesh, pleasant balance of sweetness and acidity
Origin: Seedling from the Lady Hamilton family, 1952
Harvest: Start of October
Availability: Start of October to end of May

GalaGala (New Zealand)
Taste: Low acidity, sweet aroma, crunchy
Origin: Kidd's Orange x Golden Delicious
Harvest: Mid-August
Availability: Mid-August to mid-March

WinesapWinesap (USA)
Taste: Crunchy, extremely juicy, sweet and very finely acidic
Origin: Seeding from Winter Winesap, 1875
Harvest: Start/mid-October
Availability: Start/mid-October to May

Red DeliciousRed Delicious (USA)
Taste: Crispy, juicy, sweet with an aroma typical of this variety
Origin: Mutation of the Delicious variety, 1921
Harvest: Start/mid-September
Availability: Start/mid-September to May

MorgenduftMorgenduft (USA)
Taste: Fresh, firm flesh, sweetly acidic
Origin: Mutation of Rome Beauty 1816
Harvest: Mid-October
Availability: Mid-October to June

Granny SmithGranny Smith (Australia)
Taste: fresh, juicy with an acidic tang and firm flesh
Origin: Random seedling, 1868
Harvest: Start October
Availability: Start October to mid-June

JonagoldJonagold (USA)
Taste: juicy, sweet yet slightly acidic, very aromatic
Origin: Golden Delicious x Jonathan 1953
Harvest: Mid-September
Availability: Mid-September to June

MairacMairac® La Flamboyante (Switzerland)
Taste: firm flesh, crispy, juicy with an acidic tang
Origin: Gala x Maygold
Harvest: Start/mid-October
Availability: Mid-September to June

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